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 Our firm has always paid particular attention to the citrus fruit plants whether destined for industrial or ornamental use. Regarding the fruits for industrial use, all the plants are produced free from viral diseases in pots, grafted on Bitter orange, Troyer, Carizzo, Flying dragon, ect. Besides the many varieties commonly used (Syracusae lemons 2 K R, Lemons 46644, Washington Oranges, Navel, Navelina, Clementines, Mandarins, Grapefruit, Satsuma and various Hibrids), we take particular care of the pigmented fruit and more precisely for the queen of the red oranges “Tarocco” in its different clones, (Gallo, Scire, Nucellare, Tapi) all free from viral disease.

Together with the Moro and the Sanguinello (blood orange), the Tarocco represents the inimitable particularity and the future of citrus fruit growing production in Sicily. With the cultivation of citrus fruits depending on climatic conditions we have always tried to produce plants in small pots so that people from colder places in North Europe can put them in  green houses or warmer places and enjoy them equally.
















Two particular of our nurseries 

of plants of citrus fruit


Today our firm is particularly specialized in the production of ornamental citrus fruits on young tree, a shrub, a bush or in different shapes (circles or conch shaped and espalier) in pots from 18 to 42 or samples in big pots of over 500 litres.

We also have a vast range of varities, from the Limone Lunario (four seasons) to Kumquat, to Chinotto, Calamondino, Arancio ect. which we are exporting with more and more success all over Europe.

If you would like to honour us with a visit we would be happy to show you round our nurseries.



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